Cameroon Stop Repression


Since September, 22 2020

hundreds of men and women are imprisoned, repressed and tortured in Cameroon for their political choice


Cameroon stop repression is the hand extended to each of you in order to work together for the release of the men and women, political prisoners of Mr. Biya's regime

126 peaceful demonstrators appear before military courts for the following charges:

  • Attempted rebellion

  • Tentative d'insurrection en coaction

  • Conspiracy

  • Outrage to the President of the Republic

  • Etc…

For having demanded an improvement in the rules of the electoral game, transparency with regard to acts of corruption linked to the aborted organization the 2019 African Cup of Nations, the end of the fratricidal war in the English-speaking regions with its thousands of death, and of nearly one million of people displaced, several civilians face the death penalty.

Repression is used as a tool to preserve the grip of the regime on all the levers of power and to prevent the expression of disagreements over the management of public affairs.


Several membres ofthe main opposition party to the regime of Mr. Biya, like Professor Alain FOGUE, party treasurer, Olivier BIBOU NISSACK, spokesperson of Prof Maurice KAMTO, Pascal ZAMBOUÉ in charge of the development and inspection of the party, kidnapped in the margin of peaceful marches of September 22, 2020.

The place of Mr. Salomon BEAS, an inspired and promising young entrepreneur is in the vast worksites of the economic and political reconstruction of Cameroon. It is not in the New Bell prison in Douala.

The place of Madame ASSOMO, a committed activist, a conscious housewife and aspiring to a better future for her unemployed children, is not in the prison of Mfou; it is with her family and in spaces of socialization where Cameroon is being rebuilt.

The place of political prisoners detained under the pretext of the so-called Anglophone crisis is around the negotiation table for the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and their immediate release in the preparation of the opening of an inclusive political dialogue.

Cameroon Stop Repression is the hand extended to each of you in order to work TOGETHER for the liberation of these men and women

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