Cameroon Stop Repression


Since September, 22 2020

hundreds of men and women are imprisoned, repressed and tortured in Cameroon for their political choice

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Why donate?


Not long ago, the Yaoundé regime decided to sentence several of the protestors in the peaceful marches of September 22, 2020 to heavy prison terms, including fines and costs.

The teams of volunteers who organize and take care of the daily vital needs of these political prisoners since the beginning of their illegal arrest and detention, more than 15 months ago, thus find themselves overwhelmed and unable to pay the exorbitant and clearly punitive sums demanded by justice under the orders of the Yaoundé regime.


In addition, Cameroon being known to offer the worst possible prison conditions, due to prison overcrowding, the lack of adequate medical care, an unbalanced diet, which expose the detainees to various diseases, these same volunteers also endeavor to provide each of these prisoners with a balanced daily meal.

Therefore, we are launching a campaign to collect donations of € 300,000. Collected funds will be entirely donated to the voluntary organization ensuring the well-being of the detainees. Each donation counts and is the expression of our belonging to a community, that of those who refuse resignation against arbitrariness.

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