Cameroon Stop Repression


Since September, 22 2020

hundreds of men and women are imprisoned, repressed and tortured in Cameroon for their political choice

Join our team of volunteers for the release of political prisoners

Put up posters for the release of detainees

Why is it important?

Putting up posters around your home allows you to show that the fate of these unjustly incarcerated men and women did not leave you indifferent and that you want your neighborhood, your city and your residence country to know about that. In doing so, your action can then inspire others to do the same and we could collectively see these people return to their families as quickly as possible.

How to proceed ?

1— Identify in advance the places where you can stick, in compliance with the local legislation.

2— Choose places with large passages where posters can stay as long as possible.

For better visibility, we recommend that you print the posters in the following minimum dimensions, as desired:

50 (width) x 70 (length)

60 (width) x 80 (length)

70 (width) x 100 (length)

Use your talents to release detainees

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Your opinion matters

Let us know your ideas to enrich our campaign.

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Are you a relative of a political detainee who is missing from the table? Let us know.

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